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Kam + Jax Bridals: Little Sahara

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

Kam and Jax are just two peas in a pod. Photographing them honestly made me feel like the coolest photographer in the world- or at least Utah, and if you know how many photographers are in Utah, that's saying something.

Kam is one of those girls who is just so effortlessly cool. Her style is simple and vintage and flowy and I vibe it hard. The best thing about her is that she doesn't even seem to know that she's so cool. She is kind and caring and joyful and just light personified. She's one of those people that, when you meet them, you just want to be their best friend and go to Crumbl together on the weekends.

Jax is absolutely perfect for her. He's got the best curls and I would pay him big money to take Connor shopping. He is full of energy and seems to always be down for a good adventure. They are so happy together and photographing them made me oh so happy, too.

We rendezvoused at Little Sahara and I fell to the sandy Earth when I saw her dress and his suit. Kam also brought along the literal biggest bouquet I've ever seen (her little hands could barely hold it), a Moroccan rug, and that plant that looks like wheat stalks that I forgot the name of. We danced in the sand until the sun got sleepy and the moon took over to share in the joy.

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